Smart Video Analytics

What is Smart Video Analytics?  In order to understand what is “Smart” Video Analytics, let’s try to understand what is Video Analytics first. Video Analytics, as the name suggests is the method of extracting meaningful and impactful information from either pre-recorded videos or live video streams. Video Analytics can primarily be broadly classified into two [...]

AI Rising. What is at Stake for the Developing World?

Up until now, AI continues to draw mixed reactions over its potential effects currently and in the future. Despite both optimism and skepticism on technological innovation, the tools and solutions are undoubtedly getting better. However, almost all activities regarding AI and other new tech innovations are steered by developed countries. There’s barely any concerns regarding [...]


IoT is a network of devices that makes use of sensors, chips, analytics, software, online connectivity and applications to bring static physical objects to life. They constitute objects that are readable, locatable, recognizable and addressable through information sensing device and controllable through the internet. The internet is not only a network of computers, but it [...]