Turning ideas into award-winning apps

We help make the ultimate impact on your customers and clients by keeping you connected with them through interactive and functional mobile apps. We build a mobile strategy straight from the core of your business and come up with solutions that represent your business globally in the most user-friendly way.

Our skilled designers, developers, and DevOps engineers at Crystal Clear Solutions understand your ideas well and convert them into efficient apps that meet your business needs.

iOS App Development

If you’ve got an idea for an iOS app, let us bring it onto your iPhone’s screen! With fewer developmental stages and leveraging agile methodologies, we deliver end-to-end products that covers the entire range of iOS devices including iPhone apps, iPad apps, Mac Apps and Apple Watch apps. Our iOS team is skilled in programming languages like Swift, C, and Objective C which helps us build and deliver robust and scalable applications for Apple devices.

iOS Product Development

Using agile development and excellent coding practices, we design and develop powerful iOS apps that truly represent the value of your brand.

iOS App Optimisation

Our iOS developers review code, analyze crash data, and do performance grading to identify performance issue and make your apps more optimized.

Support & Maintenance

Our iOS maintenance team is at your service all the time to ensure that your iOS app keeps working without any issue.

Enterprise iOS Development

We use our industry expertise to create custom-made enterprise iOS apps that help your business grow.

iOS App Redesign

We can redesign your iOS apps into exceptional products using our design-led engineering and innovative design-thinking approach.

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Android App Development

If Android users are your target audience, it’s time to offer them solutions that make their lives faster and convenient. Our Android developers have detailed knowledge and experience on technologies like Kotlin, Java, C, C++, HTML, and CSS which help them deliver the highest level of service. From reviewing your app requirements to delivering a feature-packed, interactive Android app, we keep your customers’ interest and business profits at the forefront.

Android Product Development

We are industry veterans in creating Android apps that are high performing and compatible with various screen sizes and devices.

Android App Redesign

We redesign your Android app into an exciting product using our design-led engineering and design-thinking approach.

Independent Testing

With the help of mobile & product testing services like functionality testing, code review, and load testing – we thoroughly examine your app for bugs and crashes before launching it into the market.

Android App Optimisation

Our skilled Android developers use mechanisms like code review, crash data analysis, and performance grading to optimize your Android app.

Support & Maintenance

Our support team are available 24*7 to assist you in case any issue arises with your android apps.

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Hybrid App Development

Our app developers specialize in creating fast and user-centric hybrid apps that meet your business needs using advanced technologies like PhoneGap, jQuery, and Sencha Touch. We help you to migrate to hybrid apps and simplifying the complexities and technicalities during implementation. Thus, we do not need to recode the app from scratch for each platform. Instead, we develop the app’s code in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript making it reusable across multiple mobile operating systems.

Hybrid App Design and Development

With our vast knowledge of hybrid app frameworks, we create hybrid apps that can be used across different platforms and help you reach a wider audience.

HTML5 App Development

We use our technical knowledge of HTML 5 to create secure, reliable, and feature-rich hybrid apps that fulfill your business objectives.

PhoneGap Mobile App Development

Our talented PhoneGap developers are experts in creating hybrid apps that are customized as per customer requirement and can attract maximum number of users.

Sencha Touch Development

We use Sencha touch technology to create high-performing hybrid apps that offer a remarkable user experience.

Titanium App Development

Using our detailed knowledge of Titanium app development, we can create feature-rich hybrid apps that give you an extra edge over your competitors.

jQuery Mobile App Development

We use JQuery tools like DataGrid, VisualForce, and JQuery UI to hybrid mobile app development.

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