Organizations lacking a high-level cloud strategy often risk in the wastage of time and investment. Keeping this in mind, we use industry insights and application-led services to create a cloud strategy that helps you achieve maximum results in minimum efforts.

Why is a cloud strategy necessary?

  • To implement the Cloud infrastructure with efficiency
  • To gain advantage over competitors
  • To expand your app or infrastructure over the Cloud
  • To optimize your Cloud Infrastructure for best returns
  • To reduce unwanted risks

Our 3 questions

Here are the 3 question we ask ourselves before choosing a strategy for Cloud:

  • How will the cloud implementation benefit customers?
  • Where and how we should implement the cloud infrastructure?
  • How will the cloud strategy affect your app or service infrastructure?

Developing the cloud strategy

The biggest mistake that organizations make while preparing a Cloud strategy is to jump right in. At Crystal Clear Solutions, we define business outcomes and establish governance & control as part of the strategy.

Based on the origination needs we chose different approaches to implement on the cloud – ranging from multi cloud and multiple private to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud. This helps us reduce the downtime during migration and has minimum effect on the business.

Why choose a Multi-cloud Strategy?

As multi-cloud strategy is in the trend, we choose it in most of the cases. Following are the reasons why:

  • You have flexibility to operate your apps or service from any geographical reason
  • Implementation cost is very low
  • As each cloud come with unique features, you have a chance to access the unique capabilities of your cloud setup
  • You can take advantage of latest technical upgrades, service offerings, and pricing models to future-proof your cloud strategy


“Very good understanding of the project, fast execution, well thought-through results. Highly recommended.”
 Versig Ekinsburg
CTO – EWKC Group