Migrating apps and services to the cloud can be challenging. However, by using various technologies and the expertise of our cloud computing team, we can make the process very simple at Softobiz.


Through Cloud migration, our prime goal is to host your apps and services in the best possible IT environment where you can run them with full efficiency without having to worry about factors like security and budget.

Lift and Shift

It’s the most traditional approach for cloud migration. The idea is simple. Just lift an app from its present environment and shift it to the cloud.

Application Re-factoring

The process involves replicating the legacy apps and then shifting them on to the cloud platform.


The process of cloud migration differs according to the cloud migration approach we’re going to follow. Still, some steps remain the same for instane evaluating performance and security requirements, choosing a cloud provider, calculating costs, and making necessary changes.

We also face several challenges during cloud migration such as data integrity, data security, business continuity, data & application portability, and inter-operability. Keeping all these things in mind, we devise a cloud strategy that works best for you.

Our Cloud Migration Checklist

  • Choose the right platform
  • Check for hardware restrictions
  • Research licensing issues
  • Check your SSL and certificates
  • Audit IP Addresses


We perform various types of Cloud migrations at  Softobiz  like  Lift and Shift, Shift to SaaS, Application Refactoring, and  Re-platforming.

Shift to SaaS

In this approach, we outsource the app or service to a cloud service company that specializes in managing them.


The process involves developing the app from scratch on the cloud.

Based on our requirements and the conditions we’re facing; we can choose any of these cloud migration strategies.

Tools and services

We use many services for Cloud migration at  Softobiz  like  Amazon Web Services (AWS)  and  Microsoft Azure. There are also tools for tracking the progress of cloud migration like AWS Migration Hub, Azure Migrate, Google Cloud Data transfer, AWS Snowball, Azure Import/Export, and Google Transfer Appliance.